nsa certified logonsa trained logoAt K2Closing.com our goal is to provide your firm with training, guidance, and support in building a smooth closing process for your real estate practice. If you are a title agent, attorney or paralegal new to real estate, feel free to give us a call for a free 30-minute consultation.

Additionally, our trained team of professionals are also ready and willing to temporarily augment your legal team when necessary. Consider this great benefit if you are a startup legal practice or your legal support team is experiencing a brief absence of one of its members.

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Process Of A Real Estate Closing

This procedural course will assist you in creating a flow to a real estate transaction. The course will guide you through easy steps to adopt in order to successfully complete a real estate closing from inception (receipt of the Contract) through the actual closing, without glitches.

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Real Estate Contract

This course segment will help you become familiar with a Real Estate Contract. It will guide you as to what sections to look out for when calendaring deadlines as well as what pertinent information you should attempt to obtain. A well drafted Contract is a dream come true to any Paralegal.

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Title Commitment

This course segment will help you understand the objective of a Title Commitment. Like any Underwriter would say, this is your Bible. The Title Commitment guides you in successfully issuing clear title to your transaction.

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HUD-1 and Closing Disclosure

This course segment will help you understand where to add information when completing a HUD-1 Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosure, as well as to when one form is used in place of the other.

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Closing Documents

This course segment will assist you in understanding the main closing documents required in a residential closing transaction. This will also assist you in understanding the purpose each document represents in a real estate transaction.

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Final Policies

This course segment will help you understand when to issue an Owner’s Policy and a Mortgagee Policy for your Buyers and your Lenders.

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